VSP Components offer a quality range of components for standard awning systems, which include:

Aluminium keyway

We have keyways fitting virtually every type of blind and awning!  By employing aluminium, this imparts our keyways with outstanding resistance against wind and sun.


Side retained systems

Incorporating side channels and a head box, these systems offer comprehensive protection against wind, dirt and dust, and insects.  They are a popular choice for courtyards and patios, effectively creating an extra living space.


Side channel awnings

A neat, cost-effective system for external windows.  Simple to operate and offering great protection from the elements, they are a popular choice for verandas.


Wire guide awnings

Elegantly sleek in their appearance and operation, wire guide awnings offer a terrific alternative to side channels.  Benefitting from VSP’s stainless steel cables, which are fully rust resistant, these awnings are a great option for wetter/damper environments (such as coastal areas).


Flashing and head box

VSP offers a range of powder-coated head boxes:

Open head boxes are recommended for use with PVC material, since they allow air to circulate around the roller, minimising heat build-up and subsequent damage.

Closed head boxes provide protection to natural fabrics against UV, dust and dampness, ensuring the cleanliness and longevity of these fabrics.

With decades of experience in the field, our staff can recommend the best system to meet your needs and budget.